Motorbike Jackets

Quality biker jacket: a must have for seasoned biker

Every person, that is fond of fast ride, knows that without special equipment you will not go far. First of all, motorcyclist must think about purchasing special clothing for trips. The most important elements of the biker’s clothing are motorbike jackets. They not only protect the biker from wind, rain, and the body from the injuries, but are an irreplaceable element of the motorcyclist’s image.

When you are wearing a motorbike jacket you become the object of attention. This item of clothing looks manly and stylish.

Biker’s jacket is popular due to its special cut. Thanks to the thick material with warm lining and narrowed waist, it protects you from the strong wind while riding a motorcycle at high speed. Extra long sleeves and presence of various additional pockets are the irreplaceable elements of such jacket. All motorcycle jackets have special protective inserts on shoulders and elbows, which can vary in quality depending on the price of the jacket. Material must not sag and have no folds, which may vibrate on the wind. Motorcycle jackets necessarily must have ventilation halls that can be opened or closed depending on the need of ventilation. Ventilation zippers are usually located in the jacket in the area of the forearm and underarm. In hot weather, you will appreciate the availability of such ventilation. Most of biker jackets for cold weather have an additional insulated lining.

Motorcycle jacket can be made of leather or textile. Leather biker jacket better protects from the injuries after the fall, and will not suffer itself. For hot weather exist models of jackets with perforated inserts. The advantage of textile motorcycle jacket is that it can be worn when it is very hot. Under textile biker jacket you can wear items of protection that will save from some serious injuries. However, if the fall did happen you can say goodbye to the textile biker jacket.

Summer biker jacket is short and light. The level of protection of such jackets can vary extremely widely. It may be similar to the solid armor, and can be light and thin, with primitive decorative elements. As for the model of winter motorcycle jacket it looks like a long version of summer jacket and has a removable warm lining, special weatherproof impregnation and very strong zipper. This is the most expensive jacket, but it will provide you with the highest level of safety. Jackets that protect from rain have very good moisture resistance, which is logical. However this is usually the only peculiarity of such jackets, because their thickness is not greater than the thickness of a thin plastic layer, with which they are covered, and they have no protective features. Another type of motorcycle jackets is a jacket with an air bag. These jackets are still very rare and can be considered exotic (including appearance), but despite this they provide better protection for the rider during the fall and in other emergency. How does this jacket work? It was created on the basis of the airbag in a car. It has an air balloon filled with compressed air which is used for filling the air cavity to keep the motorcyclist's head in right position.

Of course the motorcycle jacket of high-quality is not cheap, but by buying it once, you will be wearing it for a long time, and will feel well protected and certainly will enjoy the comfort of the ride. Remember, the scant pays twice.