Motorcycle Apparel

What motor apparel are most popular with seasoned bikers

Do you alreadyhave that motorcycle you’ve always wanted? If you’re out in the open roads most of the time with your bike, clearly you have a motorcycle apparel to keep you safe and comfortable. Undoubtedly, your jacket, helmet, pants, glove and boots pops into your head as you gear up for a ride. But did you know that there is so much more you could take along with you? Follow us as we take a peek into those side bags and backpacks of a typical seasoned biker.

Neck Wraps and Beanies

Neck wraps work to protect you against cold winds and heat to prevent from potentially dangerous hypothermia or heatstroke. You can also use it as a stylish head wrap that function as a rider’s beanies. Headscarf, beanies and neck wraps are quite a trendy accessory to include in your usual getup.

Tip: There are handsomely designed apparels that come in vibrant colours and prints in stretchable fabrics and knitted onesto complementyour carefree biker lifestyle.

Water bottle

A handy reusable water bottle is an essential for every travel. It can hold your water or favourite beverage to keep you hydrated at the most remote places.

Some water bottles are insulated to stay cool while on the road. Other bottles are made of BPA plastic materials and aluminum with attractive designs and logos.

Tip: If you’re not bringing any bag with you but can’t travel without a water bottle, there are water bottle holders available that can be mounted at the handlebars of your motorcycle. These holders are designed to hold up and resist vibration so your coffee cups or water won’t spill off when you rev up.

Heated plugs

When you sit outside on your bike in the cold weather, don’t you just wish you would be warm and cozy before heading out for the ride? Heated plugs can make your heated motorcycle jackets or vests feel nice and warm. This type of device is popular among seasoned bikers during winter days.

Tip: Heated plugs lets you charge your heated motorcycle gear while you travel. It adapts to the battery console of your motorcycle.

Rain Gear

Most of the time, we tend to overlook the essentials particularly when it’s about rain that just arrives occasionally. Did you know that a rain suit makes an exceptional investment to include in your motorcycle apparel? You’ll never know when that next rain will fall that’s why having a rain gear with you all the time is a lot well than donning the very unstylish black garbage bag as an emergency alternative for a rain suit.

Tip: Rain gears are two-piece or single lightweight waterproof apparel that you can fold into a cleverly small package to fit perfectly under your bike seat. You can stick reflective strips to your rain suit to get you noticed on the road for safety when the vision of other motorists becomes too hazy on rainstorms. Reflective tapes come in different colours and width, which can be customized to your preferred length.

Tip: There are wide choices for rain suits from the most expensive down to the cheapest alternative. For this type of motorcycle essential, you don’t have to get the priciest one since you will only be using it under the pouring rain. All rain gears are water resistant and that’s what counts the most don’t you think?