Motorcycle Gear For Men

Branded biker gears - Why choice of the Most bike fanatics

Is it possible to look dashing when you’re all clad in safety biker gears? Most branded motorcycle gear for men are designed with exceptionally crafted materials that can make heads turn when you pass by. Seems like looking good while riding your bike is somewhat easy to hold, and the mere thought of crashing never looked so attractive! And since you already know that the ultimate concern of bike fanatics after arriving safely from point A to point B is to still look gorgeous, follow us as we explore several biker gears chosen by most men for his most daring adventures.


For those chilling motorcycle journeys, a quality biking glove can keep your hands dry and warm. There are stylish pairs available that look stunning with your complete biking gears.

Tip: Biking gloves are ergonomically designed for best fit. It comes with thermal insulators and EVA foam paddings to bring warmth and protection at your fingertips.

Pair of pants

A branded motorcycle pants comes with protective features placed on rear end, hips and knees to safeguard against high impact. The Kevlar padding is lightweight and comfortable. A motorcycle pant comes as for Racing, Touring, Casual or Cruising.

Tip: Most pants for riding are usually made of mesh nylon, denim or leather. Branded mesh fabrics use Cordura nylon for its resistance to abrasion. Denim fabrics are made extra strong that comes in double layers for specific areas. A hot leather pants fit perfectly. Need we say more?


A sturdy motorcycle boot protects your feet and keeps you dry in case it rains. Most branded boots are waterproof with sufficient ankle support for a comfy ride.

Tip: Boots add inches to your height and can make you look taller aside from keeping your feet and ankles safe.


If you want the best possible protection, go for high rated helmets something that goes with ECE or DOT. A branded helmet is lightweight yet built strong to absorb impact with its EPS materials. EPS are highly dense Styrofoam that dissipates energy during crash to protect your head. These protective gears pass the American and European Union legal standards for safety.

Tip: A full-face helmet is a better choice over open-faced type of helmet. Branded full-faced helmets keep the wind off your face while giving you the best ventilation possible. Expensive brands use Kevlar, carbon fibre weave or fiberglass materials.


A stylish biker jacket is one of the major motorcycle gear for men that is hard to do without. Motorcycle jackets look good on you whether it’s made of expensive leather or a high performance fabric. Jackets protect your chest, shoulder, back and elbows. Branded biker gears vary when it comes to safety features but one significant characteristic is the remarkable appearance.

Tip: Some jackets have self-cooling designs ideally for warm climate. It works by activating your natural evaporative cooling effect under relentless windblasts.

Don’t you just realize how much all of these would cost you? Probably a lot! Next time you head out for a ride, think convenience, comfort and safety over fashion. Motorcycle gears look stylish anyway no matter how you look at it. Not only that, did you know that a man of substance could surely make heads turn under any circumstance? A good head over your shoulder works like charm beyond all the pricey helmets and biking gears. You can take that with you on your next road trip!