Motorcycle Jackets

The new trends in leather motorcycle jackets – The must haves

Motorcycle jackets are very popular and stylish this season. They add to a stylish look courage, originality, sophistication. Not only motorcyclists wear motorcycle jackets in everyday life. Motorcycle jackets have long been popular among men and women of all ages and professions. These jackets reliably protect against cold, wind, snow, sun, dirt, retain heat, enable free movement. Top fashion designers create new and interesting models of motorcycle jackets for the season 2014/2015.

Motorcycle jackets have also become popular due to its cult heroes in Hollywood movies. Actor Mickey Rourke in film «Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man» (1991) made popular black and red motorcycle jacket with yellow, white, red accents and a large number of patches. Christian Bale and his character Bruce Wayne from «The Dark Knight» (2008) made the incredibly popular black leather jacket with red inserts on the sleeves, collar, pockets. Brad Pitt and his character Benjamin Button in film «The Curious Case of Benjamin Button» (2008) also wears an interesting leather jacket for motorcycle. The jacket has a longer length, belt, pocket, metal buttons. Many popular actors used leather motorcycle jacket to create the iconic look.

Now motorcycle jackets change and acquire new shapes and styles. True motorcycle jacket is sewn from genuine leather. Leather provides maximum protection for human. But you have an opportunity to choose not expensive motorcycle jacket of artificial leather. Jackets of black color with yellow, white, blue, brown accents and different patches are the most popular. Women motorcycle jackets have pink and purple inserts, some with lace jacket. Some models have a military color. Motorcycle jackets are very useful for human spine. A new trend is white motorcycle jacket with slight color accents. Classic and versatile model of motorcycle jackets have stripes. They have a single color, usually black. Motorcycle jackets have even stand-collar, this is a special feature of motorcycle jacket. Also jackets may have zippers on the sleeves, elements that reflect light, extra collar for added protection. Jackets also have internal elastic as motorcycle jackets are quite narrow. Fashionable jackets are labeled by brand that produces it. Also jackets with lots of pockets or without pockets are actual. This season many motorcycle jackets are sewn from textile, which makes them very comfortable and inexpensive. These jackets are built with security features and channels for ventilation. Some fashion models of motorcycle jackets this season are very similar to biker jackets. They may have a triangular collar, zip-lock, metal buttons, pockets, belt straps. Some models of motorcycle jackets have especially sporty appearance. They have different colored inserts, lots of pockets, patches. These jackets are ideal for athletes and tourists. A new trend is also a motorcycle jacket as a sweater, which is sewn with a warm cloth. Also this fashion season combines elements of a motorcycle, biker, flight and bomber jackets. Some motorcycle jackets have rubber inserts on the collar, sleeves and bottom of the jacket, so reminiscent as the flight jacket. A new trend is quilted motorcycle leather jackets. Some jackets have a thin skin and resemble male or female shirt.

Modern motorcycle jackets are perfect for different styles - sports, classic, smart-casual, glam-rock, punk-rock. These jackets always look stylish, fashionable and appropriate. You should choose a motorcycle jacket, which is suitable for your lifestyle. Many celebrities prefer motorcycle jackets and combine them with dresses, pants, overalls, skirts, classic costumes. This season in particular brings a lot of interesting models of motorcycle jackets for women and men.