Motorcycle Riding Gear

Elegant Fashion statement with motorcycle gear- The latest styles

Do you know the latest fashion statement for this season? If you love wearing a lavish leather motorcycle riding gear, then you’ll be delighted to know that the biker style is back! In fact, ladies clad on the most luscious biker-chic leather jackets have always stayed in style no matter what the season is. The rebellious yet elegant pieces are inspired from the fifties era, all the more it remains a classic wardrobe staple of fashion-inclined individuals. Let’s see what the buzz is all about.

It brings spice to your wardrobe

Distinguished style creators are taking rebelliousness into the fashion mainstream. Other than riding the fiercest motorcycles, ladies convey a bold statement by donning the most exquisite thigh-high boots and riveted leather jackets. What more could be so sexy? This fashion statement is indeed taking the world by storm as the most stylish women gear up to look edgy yet glamorous. Good ways to spice up your style!

Tip: If it’s all in the name of fashion, you can wear military boots instead of a riding boot. Military style is also fashionable this season and what a good way to match with your biker style. You can substitute the leggings with a nice pair of shorts. Always look smart and confident when you put on something like this to complement the entire package.

Biker-chic appeals to almost any type of women

Did you know that a woman’s leather jacket could style out any outfit? What’s more, they look better with age. No doubt every woman loves to wear leather. This über-chic style certainly never goes faded. To get the look, you can match your getup with a worn-out shirt and wet look leggings. Once in a while, every female fancies looking wild! Even that girl you’d want to bring home to your mom! Perhaps it’s more of an affirmation of confidence and inner strength.

Tip: You can complete the look by putting on a makeup with a smoky eye effect and just-out-the-bed hairstyle. To keep hair away from face, wear a headscarf.

It’s more than just a safety gear

A motorcycle riding gear consists of a helmet, a pair of gloves a sturdy pants, a riding jacket and a biker boot. It probably goes without saying that the jacket dominates the biker look. You can tame the raunchy style a bit by wearing a romantic dress underneath or a feminine layered skirt. This is the better alternative if you’re out on a date so as not to overpower the man beside you.

Tip: Reinvented biker jackets come in all tasty colours. Black is classic but a splash of colour can make you look more endearing.

It retells a story

Wearing the latest trend can make you feel like a totally different person. If you want a change in your usual style, you can opt for something completely different. Biker look is more of a retro as it started from the days of rock and roll up to the dawn of the turbulent time of great social change where women became liberated. It sorts of remind you of the most unforgettable styles in fashion as well as the most lingering music ever created. Very nostalgic!

Tip: To make a statement, you can wear shirts with the graphic images of fashion icons and events evocative of the two important decades in music and fashion history.