Red Motorcycle Jacket

The trending fashion styles of motorcycle jackets

First thing to know is that motorcycle jackets are not just for motorcycles and this fashion trend for men can help untrue the notion that fashion and men go together like socks and sandals. With the right motorcycle jacket you can enhance your fashion radar and build a style statement of yourself. The best thing about motorcycle jackets is that they are versatile, no matter your shape, size, height, colour, occasion and weather you can get one to flatter you. Also motorcycle jackets are best if you are looking to transform from that boyish look to rather manly appearance.

Also it is better you know if you don’t know the fact that motorcycle jackets just don’t come in leather, you can get in faux leather and other fabrics like waxed cotton as well. There is a usual confusion between motorcycle and biker jackets but to clear it for once and all, they are very much different. Biker jackets are cropped than motorcycle jackets, most usually found in leather in black and more American sort of but the motorcycle jackets are so British, has longer cut, breast pockets and most importantly a belted waist.And they do never get out of fashion but what are the styles to go with this fall of 2014? Get your answers below:

Leather motorcycle jackets: These are investments rather than expenditure so you might not want to be too budgeting friendly on this. Leather jackets get better with age like wine. They are perfect for biking, party, outdoor adventure and almost anything. Pair them with a cool tee and jeans or with turtlenecks and tight fitted trousers. You can try Leather motorcycle jackets with almost anything. And do not forget you get these jackets on colours other than black, so crazy with colours. The next best after black or brown is the red motorcycle jacket. And red motorcycle jacket has been a great hit with ladies and gents both.If you are not too leather friendly you can always try faux leather materials and will be cheaper too. Do not forget to try them on with some biker boots.

Waxed cotton motorcycle jackets: These jackets are super comfy and light and water proof making them very suitable for riding. It can be used for protection against cold and wind during biking. A waist length waxed cotton jacket with a mandarin i.e. non turndown collar is very stylish as well as useful for biking.

You can also style up for none riding occasions with a waxed cotton motorcycle jackets. They come in various colours but except white dark colours are preferred in cotton for men.

What to wear motorcycle jackets with?

Now this is the tricky part. If you don’t know what to pair a good motorcycle jacket with then you are going mess up the whole look. Though there are no hard and fast rules for wearing Moto jackets always take into consideration that very bright coloured trousers do not compliment and biker boots to go with are always classier and better than loafers or trainer shoes. As is with motorcycle jackets that they cover the top half special consideration needs to be given with the kind of trousers or pants you wear, let them be tight fitted. And it’s better to experiment in colour with jackets and let the trousers be in dark colours.