Vintage Motorcycle Jacket

The Vintage Jacket: How it changed with time

What do we understand by a Vintage Biker Jacket?

Every sports and stunt based action everywhere is somewhat associated with a basic and intrinsic sense of style and attitude. They add a sort of coolness and glamour to the whole thing and are a great way to appeal to the general imagination and attention of the people. Consequently, biking which is a high adrenaline action form that is sometimes seen as a sport or a game is closely associated with leather jackets or bikers’ jackets, as they are popularly called. It is, in fact, so much so that it is hard to imagine an actual biker without his vintage jacket which has sort of become their uniform. A vintage jacket, basically, is nothing but the oldest form of leather jackets that were worn by the young bikers when actually the concept first came into being.

The first stage of the Motorcycle jackets: The origin

The origin of the concept of the motorcycle jacket can be traced back a really long time ago in the early 1920s and 1930s when the young people used to wear military or aviator style jackets that had a front button closure. However, it was arguably in 1928 when Irving Schott designed the first ever vintage leather jacket and sold it at a Harley Davidson outlet at $ 5. 50, naming it ‘The Perfecto’ after his favourite cigar, that the concept probably first arose. Soon it spread wide across and in no time it caught the imagination of the youth. Vintage motorcycle jacket has gone through a lot of change since then.

The mid phase: The wayward and Boho style

Soon it started getting viral with several famous movie stars sporting the look with élan and making it work from the word go like Marlon Brando in ‘The Wild Ones’ with the casual and wayward attitude and a cigarette hanging loosely from the lips. Every motorcycle enthusiast started imitating the look and style and those who were not that interested in biking till then, started taking an active interest just for the jackets and the intense sense of attitude and coolness that it exudes. The raw appeal and the smart yet casual feel of the jackets made it so popular among the young minds who were back then suffering from acute identity crises. This sort of gave their bohemian souls an identity and a sense of belonging.

The new era of leather jacket: Styling and sophistication

Today, the typical leather jacket which is a classic and cool dress has undergone quite a few changes. Though such dresses are actually perennial ones that never go out of fashion, still there have been some modifications. For example, the cuts and fits have been improved while the material has been slightly changed to suit the warmer climatic conditions.

The present concept and craze

Thus, although quite a rage at one time, the typical vintage motorcycle jacket is rarely seen these days. Now, there might be a number of reasons to it. Firstly, it has to be admitted that since fashion changes every season, the vintage motorcycle jacket which was hip quite a decade back, is no more in and has become, sadly enough, a thing of the past. With newer styles and designs, the same old jacket has undergone modern cuts and modifications to become more chic and cooler. Another reason may be that they are not that feasible in the relatively warmer climates where a leather jacket in the Sun is a bit too much.

However, whatever it is, the main point that remains to be noticed is that the jacket still does continue. In spite of all the changes and the modifications that it had to undergo, the concept of a biker jacket is quite popular till date and is a cherished tradition among the present day motorcycle riders.