White Motorcycle Jacket

Biker jacket can be stylish too- The new trends of this season

Rather cropped than motorcycle jackets, biker jackets are the studs this winter and fall. Shift your style between motorcycle and biker jackets this winter to appear mysterious yet charming. A white motorcycle jacket can give you that ‘down to the business’ look while a biker jacket in white or any colour will give you a hot ad charming stud look. Traditionally Biker jackets came in black leather mostly and it is still one of the most preferred silhouette but now for current market aesthetics biker jackets come in many options. You have the leniency to choose colours , from black, white, red , blue, brown to almost any colour, comes in other fabrics like faux leather, cotton , denim, woollen etc and the most important thing is that biker jackets are versatile and so very in this season. These jackets give instant transformation to any look. Biker jackets are for all: lean mean, plus size men, tall men, short men, young and adult, male and female and also for any occasion. These jackets are celebrities’ favourite too. They wear it all the time from parties to outdoor. This fall and winter of 2014 nothing is going to be as hot as the biker jackets’ trend. Here’s how you are going to wear them:

  1. First look : the winter ready and off the duty look

    To look winter ready get yourself a Borg collar biker jacket in your collar (black recommended). Underneath the collared jacket wear a knit sweater vest or a jumper and pair it with wool trousers and slim brown boots (don’t go black this time; too much of anything never looks good). And roll two hems of your trousers to show off your boots and add height.

  2. Casual and smart look: Now to get smartened find yourself a slim cut Oxford shirt and deep coloured tie (like green and dark maroon). Wearing a shirt with a dark coloured tie underneath your leather biker jacket will look casual and smart at the same time. Pair the just discussed top look with trousers like of burgundy suit and a pair of double-monks black shoes.
  3. The transitional period look: Like said earlier biker jackets come in other forms than leather so for this look scoot over from the usual traditional black leather look. You can instead opt for either grey woollen form of biker jacket or the denim take. Keep it basic and casual with a t-shirt to go underneath, jeans or cotton pants and pair it with some suede loafers.
  4. Go sleeveless: When most sleeveless fashion do look a bit less manly, biker jacket does not. Sleeveless biker jackets are great for those who just cannot get enough of them in winter or fall. Wear the sleeveless biker jacket in black, red, white, brown, blue or other colour, in denim, wool, cotton or leather over a sweatshirt and a pair of slim khakis with balance trainers. This look is everything comfortable, stylish, easy and fun.

At last, when you are not wearing biker jackets the next best option is to go with motorcycle jackets. A black, brown or a white motorcycle jacket paired with a nice strap, side or a handbag can create that Calvin Klein runaway look instantly.