Womens Leather Motorcycle Jackets

How to choose a motorcycle jacket for ladies

The idea of riding a bike may seem extremely exciting to the ladies however doing so without the right biking gear including a good leather jacket can be disastrous for your overall appearance. Apart from being a superbly stylish accessory, the womens leather motorcycle jackets also offer excellent protection against the external environment conditions when you are riding a bike even as the pillion. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that you are choosing the right jacket. Representing a blend of fashion and functionality, the leather biking jackets is also the one accessory that greatly emancipates your hotness quotient when you are riding a bike!

The colourful options

There was a time when the idea of motorcycle jackets was restricted to the traditional blacks and browns with oversized lapels, zippers, pockets, etc. even for ladies. But, this trend is changing.  Of late, the new class of colourful womens leather motorcycle jackets unveiled by designers across the globe are a refreshing change to these traditional options. The idea of riding a bike in soft suede leather jackets that come in interesting shades of neon, pastels and a host of other interesting colours sounds fashionably exciting, doesn’t it? Not only do the serve the purpose of protecting the rider, they also make you look really trendy and stunning!

For ladies planning to invest in motorcycle jackets, here are a few interesting tips that can help you choose the right colour as well as style:

What is your personality?

From the soft spoken girl next door to the fierce and outspoken boss, biking can be a passion for any type of woman. Therefore, before you decide to buy a biking jacket, it is extremely important to understand your personality as the rider. This will help you select the pattern as well as the colour when it comes to choosing from the many options listed under the category of womens leather motorcycle jackets. For example, the short crop jacket with the traditional long sleeves pattern is ideal for women who idolize the blend of chic and classic look. On the other hand, a round collared jacket with quilted patterns on the shoulder looks great on women who like to flaunt the boldness in their attitude.

Choosing the right colours

We have already told you that the world is shifting from the idea of bikers jackets being traditionally black or brown and so the ladies have more interesting as well as colourful options to choose from. Currently, bright colours are popular choices for womens leather motorcycle jackets. However, the choice of colour again depends on the style statement that you want to carry. If you are the subtle kind, opt for a relatively lighter shade but if you want to step out with a bold style statement, try one of the eye catching neon shades. You can also opt for a blend of both by choosing a light coloured biking jacket with bright coloured piping, accents or patches that are sure to make you stand several notches above the usual crowd. In fact, you can also choose more than one jacket so that you have a different coloured option for a different mood. Another advantage of bright coloured bikers jackets are that they make you conspicuous to the other vehicles on the road and therefore tend to minimize the risk of mishaps to quite an extent when you are riding.

The Right Fit!

Ideally, you must choose a biking jacket that provides the required protection and fits fabulously. In addition to your measurements, you must also remember to take your riding style into consideration while deciding the fit of the leather jacket. For example, ladies who lean forward and ride the bike should opt for a longer jacket with a collar is better so that your upper body is not exposed when you are riding.