Womens Motorcycle Jackets

The popular motorcycle jackets for women of this season

Fashion trends change every year but one particular genre has never gone out of fashion for women and that is, the biker jackets. The style has changed over the years a lot but the leather biker jacket genre still remains a hot favorite of all stylish women. Almost all of them have at least one leather biker jacket in their wardrobe. The motorcycle jacket, also known as 'The Moto' adds a tough look to the cool chic look for women. It is also amazing to observe that over the years, the older styles have also come back as the trend of a season and the versatility of these jackets is perhaps why it can never go out of style.

The color palette of the genre

The colors Black and various shades of brown are the best known colors for womens motorcycle jackets. The color palette has an important role because the versatility of this genre is maintained by the colors of the jackets. Black being the most common and popular color, it takes the style to its pinnacle every single year. Dying the leather into another color such as Brown makes it costlier because leather is dyed Black as a default. But now different colors and techniques are also being used to widen the horizon. Colors such as Red and Grey are available in the market and a variety of techniques are used to change the texture slightly giving it an even newer look. Thus new colors on leather jackets are creating quite an excitement in the present day fashion trend. The washed texture is not only an amazing look but is trending very high this season.

Styles this season

One of the premium styles this season is the positioning of the front zipper. Instead of putting the zipper at the exact front, they have been shifted slightly to one of the sides in order to make it trendier. This also means that the jacket does not need to be closed completely but instead a person can leave it half open to showcase an open collar that spices up the look. Closing the full zipper unleashes the high neck style that is something all the fashion divas can carry off élan. The great thing about leather jackets is that they look good with both zippers opened and closed. The use of multiple zippers is back and it is making the old look new again. It is safe to say that nobody can go wrong with a biker jacket as it itself repairs most of the damage of the fashion faux pas the person may have committed.

Places to wear them

Leather biker jackets are not occasion centric anymore. They can be worn at almost all kinds of events and the person pulling it off can still be the most fashionable person there. Casual wear is something very commonly associated with womens motorcycle jackets but they can also be worn to parties and even red carpet events. That is how versatile this genre is. They can be worn with a figure hugging look or in the oversized jacket look. Pair it up with the right accessories and nothing can beat the biker jacket look. So, the new season is seeing the occasional diversity of the clothing in the fashion industry.