Black Leather Vest

Leather vests- what has changed over the years in trends

Over the years, the leather vest has made a name for itself as a bit of an American icon. From the cowboys and cowgirls of the Wild West to modern day bikers who’ve embraced wear black leather vests, to the punk and heavy metal scenes who adopted the look, to the modern day entrepreneur who wears a leather vest in pride, the leather vest, particularly the black leather vest, definitely has a vast American history.

Today’s styles in particular, such as the bullet proof look or the strapped look are just a estimate to how far those styles have come.

Let’s take things back to the old west, a time where outlaws and lawmen were pretty much the same thing and a man’s only worth was what he could hold onto. The loo said a lot. You were a man or women of action, someone who wasn’t afraid to ride off into the distance to bring your own brand of justice to the world. The vest was a universal symbol for someone who know what it meant to ride off into the sunset. From then on out, the leather vest would have a rich history as being a symbol of the toughest and grittiest of all Americans.

Jump forward a hundred years or so to the 1990s. For a long time before, the denim cut off had been the biker’s choice of vest for hitting the open road. That all changed with the intensity of the 90’s. Now, the popular style shifted to good old fashion American leather, and people loved it. The look was an instant classic. Now, tough guys and gals alike could express the intensity that came along with the nineties. Even today the look is just as fresh as it was then. Let’s be honest. Nothing says “American badass” better than the classic black leather vest for bikers. It’s a look that’s preserved itself for over 20 years and there’s absolutely no indication that the trend will stop any time soon.

The look was so great that it was even adopted by the punk and heavy metal subcultures. These subcultures took a different approach to the look, however, implementing much more chrome and spikes into the look. It was an intense era to be sure. Now a days, the look has mostly dies off, but your can still see it from time to time popular with especially the most retro of those groups who remember the good old days of the nineties when intensity and gaudy chrome were all the rage. It was here where we truly began to feel the intensity of the era coming into full swing.

Cut to modern day America, where anything retro is in. The old will clash with the new, and leather is no exception. New American business in particular have taken the style and made it into something that’s new and exciting. American leather business vests. Their perfect for any new age entrepreneur looking for a new look that mixes classics with a new twist. It makes a statement that you’re willing to wear the dress code, but that you’re going to put your own twist on it. Leather has always said badass, and these vests are no expiation. All that’s different is the kind of badass you’re aspiring to be. In this case, any man or women willing to take on a leather work vest shows that they’re ready to take the business world by storm.