Harley Davidson Leather Vest

Brands which biker trust for leather vest- the best trends of this season.

Along with leather jacket, leather vest has now become essential part of fashion for many. Though vest was initially used by cowboys and bikers but later trendy fashion absorbed it for both men and women.

Since the journey of motorcycle something was needed to protect the bikers from wind and cold. The ultimate choice became leather jacket or leather vest as this was a natural solution. This biker’s jacket not only became protection but also a great element for fashion. It can be very expensive depending on brand, material, craftsmanship and design.

There are three important aspects to consider when choosing a leather vest: quality, fabric and fit. A top quality jacket sustains its look and feel even after years of wear.

Thus these kinds of vests are expensive. Choosing a classic style gives peace knowing that it will not go out of fashion.

Leather is the best fabric for a vest. There are different types of leather used to serve different purpose. Leather ranges from hard to very soft depending on the animal. Commonly used leather hide are cowhide, bison, deer skin, goat hide and sheepskin. Cowhide is the mostly used for biker leather vest because of its availability, durability, toughness, low cost and dirt resistance. But cowhide is harder than lambskin and goat skin. Sheepskin is the softest. It is most supple and most wearable material. Its texture is great and versatile. This is elegant kind of leather.

Considering quality, biker leather vest can be categorized in three broad categories: economy grade leather, top grain leather and premium line. For casual wear, kids and fashionable use economy grade vest is a good choice but it is less durable. Top grain is good for bikers and riding. These are usually made of cowhide and protects from accidents. This leather has good look and feel factor and looks better with age. Premium or Naked Leather is the best choice for leather vest. But these are very expensive. These have great design and quality and last very long if taken care properly. 

There are many renowned brands for bikers vest. Some of them are expensive and some of them are not. For street sports styling, Teknic, Alpinestars, RS Taichi and Spidi are good.  Dainese is also a good brand which makes very expensive and quality vest. Vanson and Furygan are also good quality gear but not easily available. River Road and Tourmaster are good for cruiser style.

Based on style in demand different brand cater different segment of the market. Also Sons of Anarchy leather vests, Harley Davidson leather vests and Hells Angels leather vests are popular leather vest for bikers.  Among these Harley Davidson leather vests are the most renowned ones. The specialty about Harley Davidson leather vests and jackets is it is the only jacket which is tested against the wind for a particular type of bike.

Harley’s jackets and vests are functional, high performance and fashionable. These are expensive too. Harley’s vest gives protection and safety for bikers along with its high quality fashion and material. But also there is traditional vest where patches affixed. These jackets often come with V neck and two warmer hand pockets with adjustable side lacing.  There are also jackets and vest for women from the manufacturer. The women product line called Pink Label. It symbolizes strength, resilience and passion for the cause. From every sale of Pink Label a part is donated for breast cancer awareness.