Leather Motorcycle Vest

Leather biker vests - the changing sties and trends over the years.

What’s hot in terms of leather motorcycle vests this season?  For starters we have the sheik look, a look going straight back to 1990’s biker and heavy metal look.  This look is always great for the hardcore scene.

There’s also the strapped look, a look that says you come prepared for anything.  Typically these vests come with customizable straps that make them perfect for any and all body shapes.  What’s really coming back into style this season however is the bulletproof look, a bold statement that says you’re ready to take on the world and then some?  Choosing your motorcycle vest is an important step in defining your individual style.  Depending on what you chose says a lot about who you want to be.No matter what the style, you’ll be sure to look great in whatever style you choose.

Back in style this season along with the much anticipated return of Sons of Anarchy is the ever popular American biker look.  A classic look of American rebellion, the biker look is definitely a look that’s only grown more popular since the conception of the look.  Since the nineteen fifties, men have worn the look to death for the culturally accepted badass status that comes with the look.  In the 199o’s is when the leather cut off look really took off.  From then on, a leather cutoff was universally accepted as the “it” look for anything hardcore and was even adopted by the punk and heavy metal subcultures.  Today, the look is still as popular as ever, and owning yourself a classic American cut off is still as badass as ever.

A new look hitting the biker scene is the strapped look.  This look takes the classic look of the American hunter and biker and mixes them resulting in a more futuristic style of biker vest.  It says you appreciate the classics but aren’t afraid to move on from the old and explore new options.  The best benefit of these vests is that they typically come with a ton of pockets and are completely customizable in terms of who the vest can fit.

The most popular strapped leather jacket would have to be the bulletproof style.  These vests are designed after bulletproof vests and come in a variety of different colors and sizes.  Like other strapped leather vests, these two are also customizable so you don’t have to worry about finding a vest that fits.  With this style you’re pretty much guaranteed to fit into it regardless of body shape.

Also hot on the market this year is the new age biker vest.  These vests from sides have been completely redesigned to have a completely different looking front side of the vest that brings something fresh and energetic to the look.    If I had to sum up the overall feel to the vest id say it’s been designed to be more sporty and solid looking as opposed to the classic style.

Regardless of your own personal style, one thing is for sure.  The leather motorcycle vest is a genuine American icon, and though there are many different shapes and forms that the vest takes of today, it will always be an American classic.  Be it new age or a blast from the past, the leather motorcycle vest is an ever popular look that’s in no danger of going out of style.