Leather Vest

Leather vest- defining styles of this Fall-Winter Collection

Leather vests are a piece of American history.  From the classic western vest of simpler times to the classic biker cut off, the style overall has become somewhat of an American symbol of rebellion.  The leather vest has had many incarnations over the years, though in today’s market there are two vests in particular that run the scene. 

The classic Italian style as well as the classic American biker cut off.  These two styles are the most prominent in today’s society.  The biker cut off in particular is a look that’s really evolved in terms of style.  The different styles and looksavailed in this leather vests are really quite remarkable.

When it comes to style, the classic Italian style vest is always a clean cut look that makes a clear statement.  You’re all business before pleasure.  For decades this look has been considered a hot mainstream look, but today’s leather variations more than ever embody the Italian philosophy f taking care of business.  The look is professional while at the same time rebellious and edgy.  The leather look in this style in particular really defines who you want to be in today’s society.  People who aren’t afraid to be themselves and go for the leather look have the confidence needed to take anything the world can throw at them.

As for the leather vest that’s the most in style this season, it’s no secret.  Sons of Anarchy brought back the classic biker cut off, and with suns of anarchy ending this season, the popularity in this style is bigger than it’s been in a long time.  And why shouldn’t it be?  The look is classic, clean cut, and over all makes anyone look damn good.   As amazing a style as in its inception, ne thing is for sure.  This look is in no trouble of going out of style any time soon.

When most people think of leather biker cut offs, they usually think not the classic American style that’s been made insanely popular through American media.   To sum it up, it’s a vest fashioned after a leather biker jacket, minus the sleeves, chromed up with zippers and studs.    Though not much has changed since the nineties, when this style was at its most popular, there are subtle differences in the vests from back then and now.  For one, every biker vest now comes lined for comfort and warmth.  Also, the vests aren’t as loose fitting as they once were.  They tend to fit better overall as well

Made popular in the late 2000’s, the bulletproof look is an insanely popular style of biker cut off this season.  The best party of these vests besides the statement they make is the adjustability of these vests.  Unlike a classic biker cut off that you have to be careful when ordering to buy an appropriate size, these leather vestsare onesize fits all for optimum customization.  They fit any and all body shapes, in other words.  This is great for people who don’t fit the normal parameters of clothing that most do.

This winter, chose a look that defines who you are.  Are you an American business person, or a rebel banging to the beat of their own drum?  Regardless of your answer, a leather vest will make you look damn good.  Leather is an American classic for a reason, that reason being that the style is just straight up badass.