Mens Leather Motorcycle Vest

Bikers appeals- the new styles and trends in motorcycle vests

The history of the biker leather vest starts with the biker leather jacket. Looking for a look that kept the patches but didn’t get in the way of riding and also good for warmer days on the road, the biker cut off was invented.

At first they were denim, but eventually the leather look claimed superiority over all. For a long time, the look was pretty plain and simple, occasionally dabbling over into more hardcore styles. Into the two thousands however, the look really expanded into a multitude of different styles.

To truly understand the history of the mens leather motorcycle vest, one must first understand the history of the biker jacket. The trend really got popular in the 1950’s, following the premier of the moves “The Wild One” staring Marvin Brando as Johnny Strabler, the original cinematic rebel without a cause. Ever since then, the biker jacket has not only been an icon of masculinity that’s been adopted by millions of burley men worldwide, but a sex symbol for women all over western culture. In fact, women loved the look so much that they even began to adopt the look themselves, although admittedly they take a more feminine approach towards fashion styles.

Mens leather motorcycle vests have been popular ever since the 1970s. The idea was simple. Bikers needed to always be able to wear their colors regardless of whether condition. Leather jackets were fine, but they got really hot in the summer. On top of that, a big problem when riding a motorcycle while wearing a leather jacket was that the lather bends in a weird way causing control issues when riding for long distances. The solution? A biker jacket without sleeves. And thus the biker cut off was born.

The mens leather motorcycle vest was so popular in fact that it was later adopted by both the punk and heavy metal subcultures. These vests however, were different then the classic style of men’s leather motorcycle vests in that these vests tended to have more spikes and metalwork’s on the jacket to stand out from the more classic style.

A major difference in design overall however would be the personal fittings of the vests. Older vests tended to be smallest around the chest and expanded around the waist, but since then the style has gotten much simmer and fit tighter than in the past. Also, instead of being leather all the way through, typical modern biker vests tend to be lined as to best prevent chafing from leather to skin friction. Another huge modernization is the adjustability of said vests as well as their fitting in general. When biker cut offs first became popular, they were loose fitting, flapping hunks of leather that were designed to fit a specific build of man. Now day’s you can easily get a fitted jacket as well as one that adjusts to multiple body shapes. 

Into the early two thousands, these vests began getting more complicated on the front, adorning different patterns, accessories, and pockets. A design typical of this era also sometimes included adjustable vests via a string pulley system, much like a girdle. These vests were a little bit fancier in terms of design. Starting in the late 2000’s, however, a huge style that hit the market was the bullet proof vest look. These leather biker jackets are adjustable via straps and heavily resemble modern day bullet proof jackets. One thing that’s stayed true through the years however is the one panel back of these jackets. The back is always left plain for patches and colors to be applied by bikers worldwide.