Motorcycle Vest

The new trends in motorcyle vests- style and material

This season there are three main types of motorcycle vests to wear.  You can always go with the classic denim cut off, designed after classic 70’s and 80’s motorcycle vests.  The next style would be the classic leather motorcycle vest for the tough guy with an attitude or a biker who’s been around the block long enough to appreciate the classics.  The third option would be the modern bullet proof style biker vest, a sizable modern marvel of fashion made for the new age biker looking for a more modern style to rock out with.  No matter the choice in style, however, all the cut offs say the same thing: You refuse to allow society to tell you who you are.

During the seventies and eighties, denim reigned supreme in terms of biker jackets.  It was cheap, classic, and fit the best. Since then, very little has changed besides the fact that new jackets tend to fit better and now come lined for comfort.  Designs   have changed, but over all this style is as clean as the day it was conceived.   Anything fancy about them is kept to the front while the back is left a solid piece for patches.  If you’re looking for that original classic look that dominated those days, you can get these vests in classic blue or black, depending on preference.

For more of the hardcore nineties kind of guy, you have the classic leather cut offs.  These cut offs have changed in shape and fit over the years, and have gone many alterations, but todays leather jackets go for that classic nineties biker look that doesn’t go overboard in terms of spikes or studs.  They come with very basic designs and always with the back completely open for your patches.  This look says you’re a man or women of action, not words.  You go where you want when you want, and if anybody gets in your way they’re in for a world of hurt.

The final style of the season is the modern bullet proof style vests.  These cut offs came out around the late 2000’s and have boomed in popularity.  The statement they make is clear: bullets can’t touch you.  Not only is this look an instant classic, but the adjustability just can’t be beat.  Because of the straps on the side made to make the vest look like a bullet proof vest, these particular vests can be sized to fit any body shape without the need to customer order anything. No need with these. Just adjust and enjoy the simplicity.  If you’re looking for that unique, modern look, this is the jacket for you.

Today’s biker look may not be that different from when cut offs first started being made, but one thing is for sure.  The American biker cut off really isn’t so much a vest as it is a symbol of American freedom and makes a statement about who you are.  You’re an independent rebel with his own cause looking to give the world what it’s got coming to it.  Whether it be the classic denim and leather cut off look or the more modern bullet proof look, the biker vest is a tradition passed down through American history and owning your own makes you a part of that glorious history.