Red Leather Vest

Leather vests - how it can make a style statement

When picking out your style of leather vest, there a lot to consider this year.What color should the vest be?Should it be a classic black leather vest or some different color to be unique and exciting?? Should it be a biker vest or a preppy vest?

If it’s a biker vest, what kind of style vest are you looking for?Are you looking for the classic American leather cutoff or are you looking for the bullet proof look?  Whether you be a man or a women, these are definitely important choices to make when determining your style.

For the fashionable women looking to stand out, why not try out a leather vest in a color besides brown or black?Why not go for something more unique like a red leather vest or a pink leather vest?Getting something in a unique color like a red leather vest says a lot about your fashion sense.Convention is boring.Treat yourself to something that says who you are instead of who you want to be.For example, should you chose a Red Leather vest, you’re telling the world that you’re a fierce go getter with nothing to lose.You should never be afraid to let your own personal style shine through.

What kind of style are you looking for in a vest?Are you going for the biker look or the American business person look?Depending on your choice will drastically alter the style you chose to endorse.People who chose biker vests are rebels who refuse to give into societies conventions while business vests tend to more say you’re looking to be unique but still fit in with society.Though both take drastic turns in the persona you’re trying to project, both were created with one simple notion in mind, namely that you should always dare to be different.

If you decide your want to go with a more American cut off look, unlike in the past where all you had was one basic style to choose from, now you can chose from a multitude of different styles.As always, there’s the classic biker stile cut off that will always be in style.Though the vests now fit better, nothing much else about the style has changed much.In today’s retro era of fashion, this look is best when you find more simple styles, which is what’s popular this year.

Another really popular style of biker vest is the bullet proof look.Thief design in this vest says it all.You’re untouchable.With such a bold statement radiating from the very conception of this style, one can’t help but feel like a genuine badass wearing one of these beauties.And the best part?The style is completely adjustable, so finding a size that perfectly fits you is easier now more than ever.

Whatever your personal style of vest, one thing is for sure.Leather vests look damn good on anyone and everyone.It’s a classic American style dating back to old western times, and the trend shows no sign of slowing down in the slightest.The message is clear.Leather is a badass material to work with.And with today’s new modern technologies, design and quality have only improved on these already long lasting American favorites.Don’t wait.Get strapped up today.