Sons Of Anarchy Leather Vest

Branded leather vest - The top 5 brands and the changing trends

Leather has been a top fashion material for the fashion lovers. Not only is it a great way to demonstrate own choice, style and personality, it also protects from cold. Leather is made up of different animal skins. Different animal skin is used to produce different type of leather vests according to the hardness or softness of the skin. The softer the skin, the easier it is to make complex designs.  

Leather vest is usually worn under a jacket. Also it can be worn alone on top of a shirt. At the beginning, it used to be only men’s fashion item, but later women picked up the trend and now leather vests are popular among both men and women.

With proper knowledge about durability, fit and quality workmanship, a good leather vest can make a person achieve his or her desired looks. Leather vests initially were worn by bikers and cowboys as it symbolizes rough and masculine appearance. However, today rock stars, movie actors, athletes, and other celebrities use leather vests which has made leather vest so significant in the fashion industry.

There are various kinds of leather vests like full grain leather, suede, corrected grain leather, shagreen and nappa. Cowhide, snake skin, crocodile skin, lamb skin, etc. are used to make leather vests. There are a number popular of manufacturer of leather vests and jackets. If we want to choose only five among the competition it will be a difficult judge.

The top rated and best 5 brands can be mentioned as: Andrew Mark New York, Schott NYC, La Marque, Levi Strauss & Co., and Diesel. But some others which cannot be left without mentioning are Overland Sheep Skin Co, Overland, Gucci, Timberland and Men’s Warehouse.

Majority of the manufacturers produce highest quality leather vests and jackets.  The best leather jackets are made with 100% genuine leather. 

The price of leather vest depends on few factors. Durability is most important among these factors. Only the premium quality leather is more durable. Even if it costs considerably high it is always better to invest in premium leather. The second important factor is the fit of the vest. The vest should have the right length, enough to cover the back but of shorter length so that it doesn’t go up the shoulders while in a sitting position. Finally workmanship is about the manufacturer of leather vest. North American manufacturer make high quality leather vests. Kind of leather used for making leather vest plays very important role about vest’s comfort level and functionality.

Vests are perfect for making an outfit interesting. There are some trends in vests like long office style vests, though it goes beyond office. Casual trendy leather vests are available too in high street. Other trends are sons of anarchy leather vest, Harley Davidson leather vest, leather motorcycle vest and black label society leather vest. “Sons of anarchy” is an American TV drama series which shows the lives of outlaw motorcycle club operation in a fictional town in central valley. The sons of anarchy leather vests are a popular trend among the vest lovers. Millions of these are sold and worn by the fashion lovers both men and women.

It is clear that leather vest is back in style. Vests and suede are increasingly used by fashion lovers. These are a good number of styles to choose from for spring time.