Suede Coat

The tough yet elegant look- the latest style in suede coats

A quick glance on a suede coat is sure to impress any distinctive eye.  Did you know that behind its soft and elegant look is thetough leather? This season’s latest style in suede coats brings the luxurious shade of camel in new designs, creative silhouettes and classic cuts. The predominance of coats in the catwalk in a South African inspired safari colours offers a laidback feel. Follow us for a swift expedition in the world of fashion.

The majestic wildlife of the savanna blends with the wrap around belted trench coats in mustard shade. The tough yet elegant look of suede is picture perfect in the scenic territories of wild buffalos, giraffes, zebras, wildebeests, impalas and gnus.

Whether you’re chasing a deadline at the office or chasing some ostrich at the Kalahari in Northern Cape, a suede leather coat is sure to find its way into your get-up.

Suede leather is made of the inner layers of the skin of a deer, goat, lamb or calf. Since these are rather delicate, the matte finish is vulnerable to dirt stains. But that can easily be solved with a wire bristled suede brush. In fact, there are suede protective solutions that you can spray all over it. Caring for your precious suede coat is like maintaining the mint condition of your suede leather belt, boots or handbag. When in doubt, take it to the professional cleaners.

The constant reappearance of vintage on the catwalks brings back the suede leathers in the trendiest coats of the season. The ever-fashionable blazer coat is more than just an overcoat these days. Slightly exaggerated fits make way for relaxed dressing that goes beyond comfort.  The antiquated look of suede leathers is indicative of the true story novel set in 1913 from the eighties Hollywood romantic drama ‘Out of Africa’. Robert Redford and Meryl Streep had worn several coats in the movie with shades that complements the home of Elands, Lions and Oryx.

The colours of nature is one thing that makes a suede leather stand out in any of your wardrobe ensemble. Either it’s your coat or blazer, the shades of the wild scenic landscapes suits the nude colours of your outfitssuch as off-white or beige.Nothing looks more feminine than a tube dress worn with suede overcoat with furs. You can match this with a pair of cargo pants in military green. A dainty white drape sleeveless top goes well with a hooded suede leather coat.

The coats of this season give out an air of confidence to anyone who’s wearing it in suede leather. The tough yet supple finish of suede leathers look good on duffel coats, bell coats and capes that have the exquisite fur details. Duffel suede coats with fox fur trims are perfect for the cold winter. The shapes of bell coats exude a slender frame.A suede cape with coyote furs look elegant with its billowing silhouette. When you’re obsessed with the idea of hunting wild breeds, a bit of something exotic into your wardrobe will find its inspiration on today’s latest designs in suede coats.

The sensual glamour of leopard prints look stunning in a suede coat with large black buttons on both sides. You can match this outfit with a plaid pair of trousers. Did you know that dressing in neutrals such as brown and khakis won’t go out of place in the corporate jungle or the Tutwa Desert safari?