Suede Jackets For Women

The Suede trend is back- the latest styles this season for ladies

There was a time when leather jackets or coats meant black coloured traditional outfit. With the development of fashion and effect of cross cultural dress and clothing the idea of leather jackets have changed. At the same time from a simple design now leather jacket has much more complex in design like capes or parkas. 

But there are unconventional jackets with little irregularity in design also coming to the mainstream fashion - like the suede leather jackets for women. Normally these jackets have western cowboy design. These can be in the style of vests or jackets including ponchos. Suede leathers are commonly used in cowboy style western jacket , gloves,   fashion jackets including ponchos and vests.

Suede is a kind of leather which has a smooth finish. But it can be of brushed finished fabric as well. Suede is usually made from inside side of cow leather, But also pig and doe suede is renowned along with this. Suede have no hard material in outer surfaces. This makes it lasts shorter but makes it more soft compared to regular leather products. Underside of lamb skin is also a good source of suede leather, though goat skin, pig skin, deer skin and calf skin are also used. Because of its softness and thinness it is appropriate for clothing especially jackets. This leather is in demand for making shoes, bags, ladies hand gloves and lining of other lining products. Suede is a quality soft material which is precious and gives great impressions on look. Only problem with suede leather jacket is cleaning. It costs a fortune to clean suede but that does not resist its lovers from buying it. Colors become vivid on suede leather jackets and are great for spring or fall collections.

Very recently, fashion designers all over the world accepted the refreshing looks on suede for this season’s leather jacket collection.  Due to its soft and delicate fabric it is the chosen one and a remarkable comeback trend. The outstanding colours and silhouettes make it even more head turner trends of fashion. Famous designers like Derek Lam, Frida Giannini and Jason Wu showed the brilliant use of suede with outfit. It is very clear that suede spring is on its way along with winter festive. As this fabric is usable round the year it is becoming season less and favourite for the fashion lovers as it happened with leather in the past few years.

Suede leather jackets for women come with many designs. For example: suede set wrap coats, dresses with thigh-high slits, and short-sleeved blouses. Contrast top-stitching gives off a ’70s vibe. Suede with wide-leg crops, kimono-style tops, and button-front is simply a high-end fashion piece. These fabulous designs show how great the comeback of suede is in this winter.

Suede jacket for women comes in different styles and design. Among them the popular ones are women’s  goat military jacket, women’s suede safari style jacket, women’s suede bomber jacket, women’s suede two button front fitted jacket, women’s suede box jacket, women’s suede double breasted jacket, women’s suede Harrington jacket, suede women’s bikers jacket, suede long jackets,  suede cape jackets,  etc. As suede leather jackets have just been rediscovered it is to stay in fashion for quite a long time now.