Suede Leather Jacket

What leather trends can turn heads this winter

Trends of leather jackets are always reinvented. A leather jacket can last a lifetime without going out of fashion. It can make a simple outfit look outstanding, or give a bold look to a soft outfit. Different trends of leather jackets are available in each season and some of them are surely head-turners. The leather trends that have managed to turn heads this winter are discussed below.

Oversized jackets this season has created a boyish shape. Leggings and t-shirt look smashing with oversized leather jackets. Pea coats with an urban look have been liked by many. Asymmetric designs of jackets create a unique smart appeal. Cropped biker jackets are trendy and immensely popular this season. Suede leather jackets are back in fashion after a long time.

These suede leather jackets have a napped finish which is appealing to many fashion lovers. Knee length trench coats are very comfortable. Contrasting collar and faux leather cuffs give a different appeal to the traditional khaki trench coats. Crocodile skinned leather jackets produce a sensual, wild and luxurious effect and is sure to turn heads.

A black and white fitted quilted jacket looks great this season. Formal styles of leather jackets are in this season and are highly admired. Moto jackets and patent jackets are on demand now. President Barack Obama has been recently spotted wearing a long patent leather jacket. Black moto jacket with white blouse and knee-length pencil skirt will definitely turn the heads of your colleagues.  Fitted bomber jackets give a tom boy look.

Boxy fit of cropped bomber makes you look mannish and edgy at the same time.

Wearing a black leather jackets with contrasting sleeves of animal prints will make you stand out. Dark colored office style jackets like burgundy gives a classy look. White sheepskin leather jacket with fur collar and worn with white pants give a camouflage effect this winter and will surely grab the attention of many.

This season’s major attractions for leather jackets are metallic feel, bold prints, bold colours and attractive embellishments. This style of leather jackets look great with long fitting skirts, pencil skirts and pants. Lighter rock style biker leather jackets are in this season. Embellished biker leather jackets have turned heads of many fashion lovers this winter.  These biker leather jackets have sleeves with contrasting colours and fur collars. These jackets are often seen with embroidery and have a shiny appearance. Military style jackets have reappeared this season and are a head turner because of its vintage image. Colored leather jackets in various textures give a different appeal this season. Like black leather jackets can come in thick goat black, perforated black, wrinkled black or soft dull black texture. Other colored leather jackets with varying textures are: wrinkled brown, red python, soft French red, soft burnt orange and soft Atlantic blue. As dark and bright colours are on demand this season, shades of red leather jackets for women can be a head turner. Cherry red and poppy red coloured leather jackets look really attractive. Other colours that are attractive this season are gold, beige, electric blue and pale yellow.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to buy a leather jacket that will turn heads. Just a sense of fashion and latest trend can make you the show stopper.